Letting go of Toxic People & Situations

Hello Spiritual Seekers! Happy New Year 2020!

It feels incredible to be at the beginning of a New Year & a New Decade. What better time to make a new year’s resolution to let go of toxic people & situations that do not serve your highest good. While this is an admirable task to take on – how do we do it?

Marie Kondo is well known for her decluttering & has become famous for coining the phrase that the items you keep must ‘spark joy’ for you. This is hard enough to do for material possessions, but what about letting go of our own destructive habits, & people who erode our sense of self worth through put downs, physical abuse, over critisising & general bad treatment? While it may be clear we have to let go of these people & situations in order to thrive, it’s not an easy thing to do.

Have you noticed that even with the best intentions, sometimes if you give up one bad habit (such as over eating), another one will appear to replace it? (such as smoking). Similarly, if you end a bad relationship with an abuser, another abusive partner will turn up soon after & you repeat the pattern again?

The reason this happens is because underneath our ‘decisions’ to choose these people & situations is quite often a lot of trauma & self destructive beliefs that keep us stuck in these self-defeating patterns.

If you truly want to let go of toxic people & situations, you must understand the big picture, address the underlying trauma & change the beliefs that keep you stuck repeating the same old patterns. Then you can start to implement healthy life changing behaviours.

In 2019 I successfully did this, & I can now pass on the powerful practical system that I have developed. You don’t have to spend years doing this either – it took me six months to address my traumas, complete my healing & ditch my self destructive beliefs. I was able to let go of ALL the toxic people & situations in my life because they no longer resonated with me. I healed & changed, & in doing so I raised myself to a higher level of awareness, consciousness & health. I now feel much calmer, happier, wiser & more fulfilled everyday. My health has improved too & I’m starting to lose weight I’ve held for 25 years. Also I’m able to relate to much healthier happier people because I’m there myself.

If you also want to raise your level of awareness, health & happiness, & start living your best most fulfilling life, please feel free to contact me to do one-to-one personal practical instruction for 6 weeks. It is not that expensive & it will change your world for the better.

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