Recovering & Thriving after Abusive Relationships

This 6 week course will show you how to understand why abusive relationships happen & TAKE ACTION to reclaim your energy &  your life.

Some included topics:

  • Identifying abusive relationships

  • Why should I leave?

  • Setting effective boundaries

  • Expected difficulties & how to deal with them

  • Reclaiming your energy, yourself & your life

It’s a six week course with a 1.5 hour class once a week, in person with Kalyi. Includes a 20 min Pranic Healing session in each class.
Cost: $450

Psychic and Spiritual Development (Beginners)

The Psychic & Spiritual development course will give a good foundation in

  • Understanding concepts such as aura, soul, chakras, & different types of psychics
  • What is your ‘energy’ & how to clean, energise & protect to improve your health
  • Connecting with your spirit guides
  • Interpreting oracles, signs & symbols from everyday life as communications from spirit

Also you will have the opportunity to try some hands on psychic experiences, so you can start to develop your practical psychic gifts while having fun in a safe space.

It s a six week course with a 1.5 hour class once a week, in person with Kalyi.
Cost: $450

Psychic and Spiritual Development (Intermediate)

This course builds on the Beginner course (which is a prerequisite to this Intermediate course). Learning will focus on practical experience (& will include occasional  group work) and will concentrate on progressing your skills developed in the Beginner course. Attendance is either weekly or fortnightly,  1.5 hour lessons.

Palmistry  (Beginners)

This is a six week course – 2 hour class once a week Cost: $450

Some topics covered:

  • Fingers/prints/phalanges
  • Major & minor lines
  • Gesture
  • Timing