Eckhart Tolle says we should not think, then how do we make decisions and assess ourselves?

The following question was originally posted on Quora – which I responded to:

As much as his work has helped me, I’m confused a bit at the same time.

If I’m not suppose to think then what!!! How I motivate myself for an interview for example, how do I assess whether I look attractive or not?

How do I decide if someone is treating me wrongly?

This is indeed a complex issue…as I understand it the mind is simply a tool which seeks out problems & solves them. This is extremely useful when there are problems to be solved…by all means use it in these circumstances. This is using the mind correctly, or ‘right action’ as the Buddhists say. However as with any tool you don’t need to use it 24/7…& this is unfortunately what most people unconsciously do. We can keep the mind working without a break, & this can cause stress, depression & illness. In order to stay healthy, we regularly need to practise giving the problem solving/analysing mind a rest. Meditation is the best method to do this but it needs to be practiced. We can let the mind recede to the ‘background’ while just ‘being’ without analysing anything. Rather we just ‘notice’ what is there without following any train of thought that inevitably arises. This is an immensely relaxing & blissful state to be in & leads one to greater health in mind & body as well as letting inner wisdom come forth.

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